A+ Certification Troubleshooting and Repair Pocket Guide
The A+ Certification Troubleshooting and Repair Pocket Guide is a concise reference of support information designed to help you troubleshoot and solve your end users' computer problems—fast! It combines the technical information you need to answer your clients' questions with the technical support procedures you'll put into practice to maintain their equipment.

With this guide you'll learn how to:
  • Troubleshoot, isolate and solve computer problems—fast!
  • Support computer hardware, operating systems, and networks.
  • Exceed your customers' expectations and enhance your reputation.
The guide is organized into five sections and is fully indexed, so you can find the specific facts and techniques you need quickly and easily.

Section I: Troubleshooting Methodology
Learn how to isolate and solve computer problems, and learn techniques to safely repair, upgrade, and maintain computer systems.

Section II: Supporting Computer Hardware
In this section, you'll examine the basic hardware common to most computers, including a detailed look at the motherboard and the power supply. You'll learn how to install internal and external components, as well as focus on portable computers and their special requirements.

Section III: Supporting Computer Operating Systems
First, you'll focus on the boot process and the diagnostic options that are available during the process. Then, you'll discover ways to recover from major software disasters, such as system upgrade options—a common solution to many software and hardware problems. Lastly, you'll learn ways you can protect a computer from viruses.

Section IV: Supporting Computer Networks
In this section, you'll review basic network layouts and connections. After reviewing Ethernet connections in detail, you'll learn the facts you need to choose the right internet connection.

Section V: Customer Care
Learn fundamental customer service concepts to ensure that you achieve and maintain customer satisfaction, increase your quality of service, and enhance your professional reputation.
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