Mastering SQL Server: Professional-Grade Techniques For Administrators

From data mining to Web content, Microsoft SQL Server has become the data engine of choice for much of the business world. As a result, your job as DBA has probably become a whole lot more difficult as you're asked to squeeze every drop of performance out of your data, servers, and yourself. Whether it's carving out complex data relationships, or pushing SQL Server's functionality to its limits—in today's competitive IT job market, database administrators need as much of an edge as they can get.

To stay ahead of the pack, though, you have to go beyond the manuals and master advanced administration techniques. That's why we created Mastering Microsoft SQL Server: Professional-grade techniques for administrators.

This 27-page, full-color report is packed with techniques that will teach you how to implement valuable administration elements and develop advanced applications with ease. Each step-by-step, "how-to" article is handpicked by our expert editors from our highly acclaimed SQL Server Solutions journal and addresses the topics you need to know.

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