Cascading Style Sheet Essentials: Advanced solutions for real-world Web designs
Do you find Web-based table layouts counterproductive and extremely inefficient?

If you're like most Web developers, you're tired of sorting through all that tangled HTML code just to make your site look attractive. Not to mention the frustration of going back to a table-based layout weeks later and trying to figure out which table is nested where and why.

Thankfully the debut of Cascading Style Sheets has offered a simpler, more efficient method for developing and designing Web sites. But while CSS has brought great power, modularity, and flexibility to Web pages across the Internet, many developers have found the transition to CSS challenging—especially when it comes to implementing real-world Web page design elements, such as two column layouts, drop shadows, and flyout menus. That's why Element K Journals created this one-stop resource for CSS: Cascading Style Sheet Essentials: Advanced solutions for real-world Web designs.

This 25-page, full-color report is packed with CSS techniques that will help you successfully implement several key Web design elements—and avoid the dreaded table layout! Each step-by-step, "how-to" article is hand picked by our expert editors from our award-winning Inside Web Development journal and addresses the topics you need to know. So stop wasting your valuable time trying to demystify Web-based tables and harness the power of CSS!

Best of all, you don't have to wait to receive Cascading Style Sheet Essentials: Advanced solutions for real-world Web designs. Simply submit your payment and you'll receive an email immediately with the online link to your PDF where you can:

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