Inside Microsoft PowerPoint
Inside Microsoft PowerPoint gives you the unique "how-to" information that user manuals and books don't by focusing on real-life presentation issues. You can easily and instantly apply the tips and techniques you'll learn from Inside Microsoft PowerPoint to your day-to-day presentation needs. Thanks to the well-thought-out illustrations and step-by-step instructions included in every issue, you'll be more productive with Microsoft PowerPoint than you ever thought possible.
I always read every Inside Microsoft PowerPoint journal from front to back and wouldn't be able to do my job as well without it.
- Rosie Strauss, End User Support Analyst, Degussa
I have found the Inside Microsoft PowerPoint journal particularly helpful in teaching me new techniques and offering insights into some of the less obvious features of PowerPoint. Also, I have benefited from the exposure to the numerous third party products (e.g. the Plug-Ins) that are available. Although I am already an experienced PowerPoint user, the techniques in this journal have given me an extra edge, and allowed me to really spice up my presentations.
- Pierre Wong, Pediatric Cardiologist, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
I love Inside Microsoft PowerPoint! I especially like the special tips I can use to make our presentations look different from the typical Joe, such as giving different looks through 3-D effects, shadows and quick keys - I could just go on forever! Customizing our slides with a few quick tips from Inside Microsoft PowerPoint make our presentations very unique!
- Franni Grasso, Executive Assistant, Carlson Marketing Group
Those of us that use the Inside Microsoft PowerPoint journal love it! We like the tips on how to make better looking presentations and use the features of PowerPoint. One of the problems with just having the PowerPoint application on your desktop and starting to use it is that you never learn to use more that 20 - 25% of the features. By reading your journal we are able to learn more about the PowerPoint features and the end result is a better presentation.
- Ron Blue, Senior Research Administrator, State Farm Insurance
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